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Born 15.01.2000

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Ahamed Naim is a musician. bron (15 January  2000 ) is one of  Laxmipur.coroshai's leading male Musical artists and actor . He is the youngest Musician in town. began his musical career in 2019.  Ahamed Nai. with knowledge of instrumental audio and electronic music has his hands on almost every genre of music. Naim is the youngest musical artist in Laxmipur . Born to corosahi union  known for Beats beats, heavy beats, dance beats, first mix



Ahamed Naim  is Laxmipur  Bangladesh's youngest musician. Born to Laxmipur. Corosahi union, known for beats and heavy beats. His manager was started in 2016. He also began making songs video  in 2021, when he released his third song O ma go real love. This song was a mix. Howa Records CEO and Founder He founded Music Production Records Howa Records, which provides music beats, instrumental beats, and other services to our clients.



Ahamed Naim  Graduated with Secondary School SSC 2016 at Hazi fateo Mohammadiya dakhil Madrasa  and HSC from Zillur Rohim College 18-19. And Studied Bba in accounting at the National national university 2021




Ahamed Naim was Born in Laxmipur on 15 January 2000. His Father's name is Nur Alam and his Mother's name is Bibi fatema 's father works as a Businessman & Entrepreneur in the Local Area.

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